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California Earthquake Faults

4.8 ( 8128 ratings )
Погода Навігація
Розробник: Innovative Solutions
1.99 USD

California Earthquake Faults shows your current location or a location you specify, faults in California and approximate distances to those faults. There are 5 screens:

1. Fault Maps: Current or found location, names and distances to the closest 4 faults and a selection of 4 views:
(a) nearby faults (you can zoom into the 4 closest)
(b) faults in the San Francisco Bay Area
(c) faults in southern California
(d) faults in California
Tapping a fault will display its name.

2. Distances: Names, distances and color coding of the closest 44 (iPhone) or 70 (iPad) faults
3. Find: Find the nearest faults to a location you specify
4. App Info
5. App Settings

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Locations and distances are updated in real time so you can see how close you are to major faults when traveling.

There are many types of faults in California including: active/inactive, large/small and some that havent been discovered yet. This app shows 115 of Californias largest and most active faults. It does not show all faults.

Runs on iPhone 5-7 and SE, iPad 2-4, iPad mini 1-4, iPad Air 1-2 and iPad Pro 9.7/12.9. Requires IOS 8.4 or later and an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection.